Shivira the session 2017-2018 is presented for all the state, recognized non-government / CBSE / CISCE affiliated schools / orphaned residential schools / special training camps and teacher training schools of Rajasthan for elementary education and secondary education. According to this, it is mandatory to organize school programs, holidays, exams, sports competitions etc. after the session. On any particular occasion or program, if an institution head needs to make any change

Learn Astrology

According to Learn Astrology , Visakha Nakshatra is the sixteenth place among the 27 Nakshatras. The lord of this nakshatra is the guru. Its three phases are in Libra and the last phase is in Scorpio. The specialty of a person born in this nakshatra is that they are intelligent in reading and writing and usually get higher education.
Persons born in Purvashada Nakshatra are enthusiastic.

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